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More than a foodie and a blogger, Marc Smith is an adventurer of every day life. Follow Marc on his travels in the tantalizing food industry and share on in his love for life!

Marc traveled to Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store this past Saturday to learn all about Pork Perfection and here’s his outtake:

#Contest Learn How To Cook Perfect Pork At Well Seasoned In Langley
By Marc Smith
30 November, 2014

While you were watching the 102nd Grey Cup I was spendingmy time doing what I love to do the most, eat. The menu was BC Pork from Chilliwack’s Johnston’s and it was served up by Angie Quaale of Well Seasoned, Langley’s destination gourmet shop. The crowd was a who’s who of food bloggers from all over the Lower Mainland so I made sure to get there early so I could get the best seat. Over the course of 2 hours Angie walked us through 4 simple recipes, each using a different cut of Pork and also a variety of cooking methods. Roasting a Pork, Blackening Tender Loin Medallions and even grilling Pork Burger Patties. It was a PORKTASTIC afternoon. Aside from being absolutely delicious the big takeaway from the afternoon was that today’s Pork from Johnston’s is not the Pork we were served growing up that came from the larger commercial producers. Johnston’s Pork is BC raised, processed and delivered. A Happy Pig makes for better tasting Pork which means that the Pork I ate today came from some very happy pigs.

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