Sundance Farms

The Goertzen Family

Farming has been in the Goertzen family’s blood for many generations. Five generations in fact and back to Russia.

The BC farming story begins in 1969 when Chad Goertzen’s father started farming a mixed dairy and hog operation in Chilliwack, BC. Chad’s father started raising hogs exclusively in 1981 and in 2007 Chad took over the farm his father started 40 years ago.

Sundance Farms is a farrow to finish farm, has 415 sows and sends 10,500 hogs to market every year. They have been delivering their hogs to Johnston’s since 2002. Chad mills his own feed from the best quality grains. He believes that the best feed makes a difference in his animals. Chad and his wife, Angela, speak of raising their pigs in a healthy and humane way to keep their pigs “happy, healthy and clean”. But they also are practical, knowing that they need to farm as efficiently as possible and to focus on environment, nutrition and genetics of their animals.

Does he ever get attached to his animals? Chad admits to having a ‘soft spot’ for some pigs. Ones that have met challenges themselves and needed a little extra care to thrive do stand out for him.

It is evident that Chad was born to farm. As soon as he was able to carry a pail of milk to the calves when they still had a dairy he has been involved in the family farm. He has been working on the farm full-time for the past 13 years and from the age of fourteen he worked full-time on the farm whenever he was not at school.

You can hear Chad’s love for farming in the way he talks about raising his pigs, watching them grow healthy and happy. About being hands on and the challenge of being a farmer, having to be a “Jack of all trades” to keep everything going on the farm. Most of all the pride in raising his children, Maddison and Adriel, in a healthy, stimulating and safe environment in a farming community near to family. And, you couldn’t get much nearer to family as Chad points from his kitchen window in all directions to describe his family beside and across the road from his home.

Perhaps Chad’s love of farming is rubbing off on Maddison as she loves to go to visit the ‘piggies’ every day if possible, perhaps we have the next generation Goertzen farmer in the making?

Sundance Farms in Chilliwack, growing high quality, safe food close to home for fellow British Columbians.