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Bacon Pineapple Crusted Pork Loin

Created by Chef Alex Pugsley of Pugsley’s Creative Catering (


  • ½ Johnston’s Pork Loin
  • 1 cup Johnston’s Bacon cooked medium/soft, cooled and roughly chopped
  • 1 cup crushed pineapple save drained juice for basting
  • 15-30 ml favourite spice rub
  • 100-150 ml Dijon or yellow mustard


  • Pre-heat oven or smoker to 325⁰F
  • Combine bacon, pineapple and spice rub in a bowl
  • Cover pork loin with mustard and evenly place bacon pineapple mix over entire surface except for the bottom
  • Place covered pork loin onto a greased cookie sheet and place into oven/smoker. Cook to an internal temperature of 145⁰F (63⁰C), basting with pineapple juice as needed
  • Remove from heat and rest for 10 minutes. Loin will continue to cook during this resting period and will help keep the juices in
  • Carefully slice with a sharp knife, serve, and enjoy!

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