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The B.C. Association of Abattoirs is currently working on a project entitled “Beef Net”. This program will be an online ordering tool for chefs, grocers, and retailers; allowing them to log onto the “Beef Net” website and choose local beef producers and abattoirs. Each beef producers will have a “story” outlining themselves and their animals, it will have details of the aspects that set them apart from other producers such as: Organic certification, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, etc. Each producer will be a certified B.C. Beef producer which will allow anyone who purchases their beef to promote the product as such (Please see the Certified BC Beef Logo above). Once a producer and abattoir team has been chosen, chefs, grocers, and retailers will have the ability to select specific cutting instructions for their purchase. Whether this is cutting instructions for a restaurant setting or a grocery store, the online ordering tool will send out a price quote prior to the shipment being sent. For chefs their price list will be specific outlining a cost per serving for each cut. For grocers and retailers a cost per primal will be outlined. For more details about how this program will work, please click on the links below.

Certified BC Beef Brochure Pamphlet

BC Beef for BC Chefs Pamphlet

BC Beef for BC Grocers Pamphlet coming soon

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