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Big Smokin’ Deal is a local (Chilliwack) competition BBQ team led by the pit boss, Les Talvio aka Papa! Les began honing his craft about 10 years ago by cooking for friends & neighbors and realizing that BBQ is not only a cooking appliance but what you serve & eat.

Three years ago Les began competing in the PNWBA circuit and the hook was set. Les & his wife, Kristin, have developed their own spice rub “Papa’s Grub Rub” that has proven to be a best seller at all the competitions with other teams even using it on their own entries!

On a new relationship with Johnston’s, Les states,

“Working with Johnston’s Meats enables me to serve the very best!”

Thank you, Papa! We look forward to a very long and successful and delicious relationship with Big Smokin’ Deal!

Keep on Smokin, Papa!

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