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Image & Article Credit: Paul J. Henderson

The EATEN PATH: Food shows mixes healthy with, well, the not-so healthy

by Paul J. Henderson – Chilliwack Times

Down at Tradex in Abbotsford last weekend there was an odd communion of people and palates.

Gluten-free vegans looking for ways to increase flavour in their lives wandered aisles alongside carnivores looking forward to the pork loin butchering stage presentation.

There was fat. There was fat-free.

There was specialty truffle maker ChocolaTas.

There was nutrition-bar maker Prosnack Natural Foods.

There was a sausage-making competition. There was a demonstration how to cook with Nature’s Path “superfood” Qi’a.

No more salient moment to illustrate the juxtaposition came when living-food champion author Adam Hart, speaking about controlling blood sugar in a healthy way, had to stop mid-presentation as show organizers announced over the PA system that Johnston’s master butcher Kevin Fehr was about to dissect a giant chunk of pork on another stage.

The plant-based diet guru who promotes Ra energy, a product made up of organic seeds, paused to listen as show organizers invited visitors to go see a butcher with his “Bacon is a Vegetable” T-shirt separate the fat cap off a piece of pig.

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Source: Chilliwack Times

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