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In recent weeks, I have been driving across town, to do some of my grocery shopping at Clancy’s Meat Co., on the Sardis side of Chilliwack. The quality is what I like and the prices are actually affordable. Sometimes, I nearly fall over from shock at seeing the price of meat in the grocery stores. I recent years, I have drastically decreased our meat intake due to the crazy costs and efforts to decrease the acidic/toxic load humans encounter when eating processed meats (packaged bacon). There are at least 3 or 4 cancer causing ingredients in any regular package of bacon at the grocery store. Try explaining this to a 7 year old that wants her bacon, though 🙂

So my family was pleasantly surprised when I agreed to buy the sandwich bacon at Clancy’s Meat Co. when we went in to pick up some chicken breasts. And they RAVED about the Johnston’s bacon after I made them their bacon and eggs that night for supper. We’ve been back each week since to get more 🙂 We also branched out and tried the Mesquite bacon. The verdict on the Mesquite? Superb!!

What did I notice about the bacon that is visually different from the packaged bacon in the stores? It’s not slimey. When the bacon cooks, the pan does not fill up with nearly as much grease. Is that a result of more protein vs fat in the bacon or less chemicals? Better quality of food that the pig was raised on?

I was curious about Johnston’s so I went to their website to check them out. They have a FANTASTIC intro video explaining their B.C. pork business! They do not use growth hormones. They use locally grown feed that they mill themselves. They incorporate all of the ethical guidelines, and more, when raising their pigs. You will adore their company, and feel confident purchasing their pork, after watching. And once you taste the bacon? You’ll probably thank me for sending you their way 🙂

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