• The origin of saying “Bringing home the bacon” comes from the once practice of fairs to grease a pig and let it loose among a number of blindfolded contestants. The person who successfully caught the pig could keep it and so, of course, “bring home the bacon”.
  • “Living high on the hog” originated among enlisted army men who received shoulder cuts of pork while the officers received the better top loin cuts, located “higher on the hog carcass.”
  • Pigs can reach 110 decibels when they squeal, about the same as a Boeing 747 jet at take-off.
  • Next time your parents say your room is as messy as a pig pen, you can inform them that real pigs actually like to keep clean. In fact, the pig divides its pen into sleeping, feeding and defecating areas (pooping and urinating) – very organized!
  • Did you know that over 9/10 of pig manure is water? Only 4% to 5% is solid material which includes nitrogen, phosphorus and other organic materials for fertilizing crops.