There are absolutely NO growth hormones used in growing the BC hogs that are shipped to Johnston’s.

Medications are only used for specific therapeutic reasons and always under the care and direction of a veterinarian, when pigs have health problems. We want to ensure that the pigs are properly cared for and looked after. We want to ensure that they are never caused to suffer because of illness and are returned to health as soon as possible. Currently the BC producers are at minimum required to meet government withdrawal standards. In the future and as part of the Johnston’s Standards, for increased food safety and quality reasons, we will require these producers to exceed government set withdrawal periods. You can always be sure, now and in the future, that Johnston’s pork will never contain antibiotics, and that the BC hogs are healthy.

Vaccines are used to prevent many of the common pig diseases, resulting in far fewer treatments with medication. Vaccines are used to prevent such things as E. coli, pneumonia, abortion and acute diseases affecting the whole pig such as circovirus, PRRS virus and erysipelas. It is far better for the animal to prevent these sicknesses than to treat them after the fact. Vaccination programs, again under the direction of a veterinarian, and better farm management have substantially reduced the need for antibiotics or other medications.