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Johnston’s Pork & Well Seasoned Cooking Class How to Cook Tantalizing & Delicious Pork Dishes

by Maureen Frost
December 1, 2014

Foodies & foodie bloggers were invited to attend a cooking class held by Angie Quaale of Well Seasoned in Langley & Bonnie of Johnston’s Pork a local B.C. pork company.

Bonnie of Johnston’s Pork supplied the pork from their local processing plant in Chilliwack B.C. Angie Quaale was our gourmet chef who prepared quick mouthwatering & tantalizing delicious pork dishes which just wowed the 25 attendees.

It all begins with locally raised happy hogs, and Johnston’s Pork should know they have been in the pork business since 1937 in Chilliwack B.C. Well fed hogs that are fed a diet of grain. No added hormones are given to the hogs & they are raised on clean & safe farms by 17 local family farmers here in BC. Happy Hogs inevitably leads to healthy & Succulent tasting pork.

You can purchase Johnston’s Pork at your small local butchers around the Metro Vancouver area & Fraser Valley. Ask your butcher where the pork comes from & it’s not from our local farms, & Johnston’s Pork it could be coming from any factory farm around North America where animal health may not be at the top of the agenda. You can visit Johnston’s Pork web site for a listing of retailers in your area. Johnston’s Pork does not add fillers such as water or fat to their pork, so when you buy their pork, it is Pork & nothing more added.

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Photo & article credits: Hello Vancity

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