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Introducing Johnston’s own red seal certified.. Chef Alex Pugsley!

Inspiration is everywhere; just ask Johnston’s Red Seal Chef Alex Pugsley whose BC Pork creations illustrate the freshness of the local treasures that surround us daily.

Born in Bristal, England in 1980, Alex and his family moved to British Columbia when he was a small child. With both working parents, Alex became more involved with cooking the daily meals in the household. Since moving to BC, Alex had been introduced to numerous and diversity of cultures and cuisines; however, knowing only English food, Alex became extremely curious and fascinated with the different cuisines of the world. Soon, little Chef Alex spent most of his time experimenting in the kitchen incorporating the different flavours of the world to make the foods he and his family enjoyed.

Alex studied at Vancouver Community College, apprenticed as a banquet chef at local hotels and country clubs to attain his Red Seal as a Chef. During his continuous professional development, in 2004, Alex became a member of the Johnston’s family as a skilled meat cutter and soon followed as the creative director of Johnston’s crowd pleasing recipes.

As a husband and father of two wonderful children, his family loves sampling all of his new creations. Alex truly appreciates that his cooking influences and broadens his children’s taste palates with the diversity that exists in BC while focusing on the locally available products.

Alex is still a young chef and he feels he is heavily influenced by the West Coast cuisine, a fusion of world cuisines, however featuring the local products that are available in BC. Chef Alex’s style is all about being different; pairing foods that may not normally make sense, such as Grilled Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork Panini. He loves cooking with the “farm to plate” concept – keeping it as simple, fresh, and delicious as possible with local products grown and raised right here in BC.

Chef Alex is also passionate about breaking down stigma and bringing awareness to the taste advantages of cooking pork properly. Alex states, “Don’t cook pork like your Grandma!” He stresses that pork should be juicy and flavourful, not overcooked and dry. “This,” he says, “is why pork is my favourite staple in cooking. There is just so much that can be done with pork and it’s continually surprising people with its versatility. I just want to ensure it’s cooked properly to get the appreciation it deserves as a succulent and tender entrée it is.”

For Chef Alex’s simple and delicious BC Pork recipes, go to the Recipes section of our website.

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