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Source: Put Pork On Your Fork

With rising rates of diet-related chronic illness, it is clear that healthy eating is important when it comes to increasing quality of life and longevity. Although following a healthy diet and getting physical activity is important, it is not always easy to do. Health reports are often confusing and it is hard to separate fact from fiction. This is why Dietitians of Canada’s 2012 Nutrition Month campaign attempts to dispel popular food and nutrition myths, by focusing on getting the real deal on your meal– right from where it is grown, all the way to your family’s table. Canadian pork producers provide consumers with a great product that is tasty, easy to prepare and a powerhouse of nutrition- not to mention recommended by dietitians as a lean source of protein. Why not try this Bacon and Potato Frittata Recipe. It is diabetic-friendly and so delicious that everyone will want to try it.

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