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Gift Suggestion 1: Foodie Dream Gift- A Cooking Class!

Yesterday I took a cooking class at Well Seasoned. The class was a Pork Perfection experience with Johnston’s. During the class we:

  • Learned about the importance of supporting local farmers (Johnston’s has 125 employees at their facility and gets their hogs from 17 BC Family Farms that employs more locals.)
  • Learned that pork shouldn’t be overcooked until it’s tough and dry (pork should be cooked to 145F and there should be a blush of pink when you cut into it. The last case of Trichinosis was over 55 years ago and with modern farm regulations isn’t a concern anymore.)
  • Learned how to make 6 different recipes using different types of pork (more about that below.)
  • Drank delicious wine from Okanagan Crush Pad (I found a new favorite wine in the Narrative White)
  • Met and mingled with other local foodies!

Pork has never been our “go to” meat at our house. We eat a lot of chicken and beef, but only buy pork every few months. I’m used to pork that has been cooked to high temperatures and has had all of the moisture sucked out of it. Never again! A cooking class on how to cook pork wouldn’t have been the first cooking class I would have signed up for, but I’m so glad that I stepped outside of my foodie box and tried something new. Pork is definitely going to be regularly offered on the menu in my home from now on.

To read the rest of Crystal’s blog and/or enter her giveaway to Johnston’s Pork Perfection Cooking Class at Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store, click here:

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