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It is with great pleasure to announce that Shore 104.9’s Johnston’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) ad won “The Astrals” for best campaign in the entire country. (out of 88 radio stations)!

Congratulations to writers/producers/talent Shelley Zavitz, Jay Helmus, Paul Sereda, Dustin Collins, Violet Stevens, Andy Mcbeth, Jamie Watson, Mathew Wood, Erik Vokey, Jude Corbett, that clearly distinguished themselves with the strength of their concept.

Click the link below to listen to the award winning radio ad!

Johnston’s on Shore 104 – Public Service

Commercial Campaign Winner
« Johnston Packers » (Astral Vancouver)
WRITER: Shelley Zavitz
PRODUCER: Jay Helmus, Paul Sereda
TALENT: Dustin Collins

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