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D-Original Sausage Co. is owned and operated by master sausage maker Drews Driessen, with the help of his wife and son. Drews was born into his craft in northern Germany, and represents five generations of sausage making. While his interest started off as a boy helping his father and grandfather in any spare moments, his craft and expertise would be taken to unprecedented heights through travel and education; the former explaining why you’re able to purchase calabrese (Italy), saucisson sec (France), and fuet (Spain) from us.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the products you deserve, free of marketing ploys and manipulation. Each of the animals we use is raised locally and hand-selected. In the end, we can proudly say that all are offerings are thoughtfully prepared. To understand more about our philosophy, please continue reading below.


2525 Main Street
V5T 3G5 Vancouver, BC, CA

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