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Our trucks deliver directly to our retailers every day. We make sure only the freshest and highest quality products are available to consumers.

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Our commitment to providing the highest quality products for BC families is the cornerstone of our success. Fresh products, reliable quality, and exceptional service are what keep customers coming back to Johnston’s.


We are rooted in British Columbia and are committed to providing high-quality and safe food for BC families. We remain focused on local markets, providing our products to BC only.


We believe that our employees are the measure of our success. Through our excellent training program, we ensure that our employees are well prepared to be safe at work. We want our staff to be confidently proud of the role they play at Johnston’s. Teamwork and a spirit of cooperation are how we get the job done!

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We have a clear standard of care for all animals that are raised to be delivered to Johnston’s. BC producers are pleased to meet these high standards and we are happy to work with and assist them in achieving these standards.