We believe that the health and safety of all our employees is top priority, therefore our goal is to minimize or eliminate workplace accidents or injuries. To attain our goal we have instituted training seminars to educate and raise awareness of all employees at Johnston’s. All new employees upon hiring will receive a workplace safety orientation; there will be other training such as; MSI/RSI injury prevention, WHMIS, and all new employees that fall between the ages of 15 – 24 will be required to attend a young workers course.

We are committed and believe it necessary for everyone to be concerned about the health and safety of themselves and their fellow workers. Johnston’s has a safety committee to help reach our goals and meet once a month.

The management of Johnston’s is determined to promote safe and healthy working conditions and attitudes within the Company, therefore;

It shall be the responsibility of management to establish, maintain and enforce a workable health and safety program, and to provide a Health and Safety Coordinator, dedicated solely to the health and safety of our staff. Management will provide adequate maintenance of the plant and equipment to ensure that physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated, and will develop and maintain work procedures and policies conducive to an accident free workplace.

It shall be the responsibility of every Supervisor to ensure that all workers are trained in and follow safe work procedures, and all pertinent regulations and Company policies, and to report any potentially unsafe work areas or equipment.

It shall be the duty of every worker to follow proper safe work procedures, to observe all regulations and policies, to report any potentially unsafe work areas or equipment, and to cooperate in attaining the objective of an accident free workplace.