Our philosophy is simple.
Happy animals = Higher quality

We believe that the animals destined for food markets must be raised with the best treatment practices. BC producers care about the animals they raise – for the animal’s sake, for the farmer & farmer’s family and for the consumers. Quite simply, well cared for animals mean better returns for producers and higher quality meat products for consumers.

At Johnston’s, we have a clear standard of care for all animals that are raised to be delivered to Johnston’s. BC producers are pleased to meet our high standards of animal care and we are happy to work with these producers to assist them in achieving these standards.

BC producers that ship their animals to Johnston’s are required to have Level 3 Certification under the Production Protocol Certification Standards. This certification includes the following:

  • Meet the Canadian Pork Council’s CQA Standards (Canadian Quality Assurance – a HACCP based food safety system)-Implement and practice Enhanced Bio-Security Standards
  • Implement and practice Enhanced Bio-Security Standards
  • Complete an accredited Nutrient Management Program
  • Complete an accredited Medication Management Program
  • Must have certification for a nationally recognized and approved Animal Care accreditation.
  • Must have a Certified Livestock Transport ticket